Let's build Cologne's first gaming & eSports bar!
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The Result

Lost Level

Thanks to you and your dedicated support we were able to finish the project and opened Cologne´s first gaming and esport bar. It was an intense time full of work but we did it together. You helped more than we could´ve ever imagined. 1000x thanks and best wishes to you, our supporters.

Lost level offers several consoles for playing and a well-equipped bar with a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Twelve large-screen TVs show streams and other gaming footage in every corner of the venue. And of course we host a lot of parties and tournaments for you.

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take your community to the next level

Since March 2012 we've been organizing Barcrafts, Bar of Legends, Pubstomps and more for several games. We hosted on- and offline tournaments, presented eSports to newcomers in the Cologne public library and held gamescom parties with over 200 visitors.

We love gaming, we live eSports and we've always been striving for more - but due to the "hobby" nature of our events, our time and resources have always been limited.

We want gaming and eSports to grow - from a side event in a rented bar into something unique. That's why we want to open up our own dedicated gaming & esports bar in Cologne! A place where gamers, cosplayers and the hardest tabletop-tradingcard-anime-scifi-LARP-comic-nerds feel at home and can share their passion with others.



10 Euro

Get a hug

Everyone can do free hugs! You can claim a sincere, several seconds long premium hug from me next time we meet because I’m really thankful for your support!
15 Euro

Free Cocktail

Get a cocktail for free
+ all cheaper perks
50 Euro


A unique “supporter” tshirt that will never be for sale and only available for this occasion. Here´s how it looks.
+ all cheaper perks
75 Euro

Get "behind the scenes"

Secret material we gathered over the last year. Take a look at other locations we visited, our campaign plans or the scripts for our video. Special extra: Witness dozens of outtakes from the video-shooting, including +7 minutes of Andy in a Pikachu Kigurumi.
+ all cheaper perks
100 Euro


You’ll be invited into a special whatsapp group with regular, instant updates in form of text messages, photos and videos documenting all the way until our grand opening. A little community within the community. We call it: Communityception.
+ all cheaper perks
125 Euro

Get "your" personal chair

Your name engraved on the back of a chair. It won't be your chair by right and you won't have any claim on it but you can tell people "that's my chair you're sitting on!"
+ all cheaper perks
200 Euro

Become a "big spender"

Your name will be on a “big spenders” plate that we'll place in the bar. Become an integral part of Cologne's eSports history. Does NOT include the 125 € goal (your name engraved on a chair).
+ all cheaper perks
250 Euro

Join the pre-opening-party

Invitation to our exclusive pre-opening party with a tour through the bar and all restricted areas
+ all cheaper perks
300 Euro

Free beer for a year

Get a free Kölsch on every visit during our first year!
+ all cheaper perks
500 Euro

Beer for free times three

Get a free Kölsch on every visit. For the first three years!
+ all cheaper perks but without the 300 € goal. You won't get 2 beers for free!
1500 Euro

Free drinks - not just beer

You'll get one free drink on every visit. For the first three years!
+ all cheaper perks but without the free beer (300 and 500 € perks)
2000 Euro

Get your own event

We’ll organise an event for your favourite game. You'll be included into the plans & drink for free.
+ all cheaper perks
2500 Euro

Become a drink

We’ll create a drink with you and name it after you/your nickname. (No brands or names that interfere with law/morals)
+ all cheaper perks


most are only available once!

25/50/75 Euro

Cookie Cutter

Our Worldwide unique cookie cutters we used for the cookies at our christmas parties. Made by and only for us. Never were for sale, never will be! Choose out of three sets: StarCraft, League of Legends and or Hearthstone. Does not include any other perks! Here´s how they look.
50 Euro

Professional Coaching

Get a coaching by mouz.HeRoMaRinE, one of the best terran foreigners, regular GM with Protoss and Zerg and a friend of the BarCraft Cologne. Does not include any other perks!
75 Euro


Official "BARCRAFT" Posters (WoL & HotS) from Blizzard, coming in black wooden frames (IKEA RIBBA). Have never been for sale, will never be for sale! Does not include any other perks! Here´s how they look.
101 Euro

Retro You

You will be designed in 8-bit and become an achievement on our teamspeak server + all normal cheaper perks.
100 Euro

Become a shirt

I'll wear a shirt with your face on it during our opening party (or any day you prefer). If we reach the 20k goal (I'll cosplay) we'll either include your face into the cosplay or you get your money back. Does not include any other perks!
200 Euro

Collector Card Set

Complete set of 2013 WCS cards. All 40 cards included. The following cards are signed: Alicia, First, Grubby, MC, Naniwa, Oz, Rain, StarDust, Welmu, ForGG, MMA, Polt, etc. Does not include any other perks!


get a short impression of our events


Bar of Legends

DOTA2 Pubstomp


Counter-Strike: Bar Offensive

Love For The Game


get a brief look on our history

  • 2012

    The Beginning

    In march starts the organization of the first BarCraft. At the end of the year, 5 events have happened and in December, the plans for the first Bar of Legends are finalized.

  • 2013

    Steady Growth

    In 2013, we added LoL and DOTA2 events to the list. Additionally, we held our first gamescom parties with hundreds of nerds from dozens of countries.

  • 2014

    Moar Games, Moar Fun

    Hearthstone and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive join the elite list of games to be shown/played at out events. The gamescom parties blow everything out of proportion - our regular bar is getting too small!

  • 2015

    Big Steps

    For 2015, we're planning the biggest gamescom ever: 4 parties on 3 days in 2 bars. We want to open our bar until the end of the year - but we'll need your help!

The Team

the faces behind our ambitious project



Started the Barcrafts back in 03/2012, does lots of different jobs online & offline.


Social Relations

Joined us in late 2013 and mainly works on-site, talking to people and gathering feedback.



Joined the crew in Nov 2013. Started with photography but now also works a lot in preparation and social media.



Joined the Barcraft immediately as the go-to-guy when it comes to graphics. Created all logos, banners, most cocktail cards and all kinds of different things over the years.

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